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An essential condition for free and open exchange – full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making

We are stepping ahead and showing the way, showing our customers what’s under the surface. Aspecta flooring is initiating first-ever and transformative conversations in the resilient flooring industry. It’s time to communicate openly about the ingredients of resilient flooring products and the factories where they are made. 

Aspecta products are fully transparent, with a suite of Declare labels, Health Product Declarations, Environmental Product Declarations, and Environmental Data Sheets - with more to be added soon. Here at Aspecta, we are continuously implementing new and improved sustainable documentation. 

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We support Mindful Materials, which provides a common platform for us and other manufacturers to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for other building products. 

Our factories strive to be the most efficient, productive, and fair to employees. Aspecta is ahead of the curve, introducing a new dialogue with our world-wide audience about our Asian factories.


Interested? Want to see for yourself what is going on in our Asian factories? Our doors are always open to our customers.

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